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Bamboo Whisk

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Our Chasen are all beautifully handcrafted by Suikaen, one of the only 17 existing Chasen Craftsman in Japan.

They are produced in Takayama, the village where Chasens originated over 500 years ago. This village produces most of the Chasens that exists in Japan! 

What makes our Chasens special is that they are all handmade and are all natural, that is, they are completely chemical free. They are not mass produced and don't use any chemicals that will spoil the delicate taste of Matcha.

The Bamboo

Our Chasens are made from Premium quality Henon Bamboo which are degreased and subsequently sun-dried for 2 months in the cold January to February mountains of Ikoma Takayama. Under this climate, the bamboo strengthens and formulates a beautiful gloss. The bamboo then rests for 2 years before it is used for Chasen crafting.

 The Process

The intricate process of crafting a Chasen has been passed down for generations and has been inherited by Suikaen. Bamboo is carefully selected and a small blade is used to cut and trim the bamboo into a Chasen. The process of narrowing the prongs is called "Aji-kezuri", and is said to be the most difficult part as it even changes the taste of the Matcha.

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  • 100% Vegan Friendly

    Powered by plants

  • Ceremonial Matcha

    Our matcha is from Uji, Japan

  • 100% Recyclable

    Our cans are 100% recyclable


When is the best time to drink the Spicy Refresher?

Whenever you want to be in a better mood! We suggest early in the morning to boost your energy or later in the afternoon when you may feel the need for that extra boost to pump through the rest of the day.

Athletes drink matcha before, during or even after training or a big event to enhance performance and aid recovery. For individuals studying in the night, you can swap all your energy drinks for a can of our Spicy Refresher for increased mental alertness, calm and focus.

Who shouldn't drink Matcha?

Children and Pregnant or Breastfeeding mothers are advised to avoid Matcha. Ask your doctor for guidance!

Will I use the restroom more frequently?

In our personal experience and also the shared experiences of a number of persons who tried Matcha for the first time, initially we all made increased bathroom visits. This was by no means uncomfortable, in fact, it only proved to us the detoxifying properties of Matcha were indeed true.

Will Matcha interfere with my medication?

Probably not, ask your doctor to be sure.

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