Try our Ceremonial Peach Matcha!

It's a beautiful fusion of Green Tea and Peach.

We combine Jamaican spices with Matcha to bridge the gap between delicious flavour and function

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Peach Matcha
Peach Matcha Matcha Powder thematchayaad Peach Matcha Matcha Powder thematchayaad
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Ceremonial Grade Matcha
Ceremonial Grade Matcha Matcha Powder thematchayaad Ceremonial Grade Matcha Matcha Powder thematchayaad
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  • Less Stress

    The amino acid L-theanine found in Matcha crosses the blood-brain barrier and promotes a feeling of relaxation while reducing mental and physical stress.

  • Boosts Cognitive Performance

    The wonderful combination of l-theanine and caffeine enhances focus and alertness. These, with the powerful antioxidants helps prevent cognitive decline.

  • Supports Detox

    Since Matcha is shade grown it has an increased amount of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has powerful detoxification properties which help remove toxins from the body.

  • More Energy

    The combination of caffeine with l-theanine in Matcha green tea provides a stable and extended boost of energy without the anxious jitters or crash.

benefit of matcha
Matcha boosts brain function
matcha boosts energy
benefits of matcha


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"My journey took me from Jamaica to Japan and now the UK. I want nothing more than to share my love and passion for Matcha with you. Thank you so Matcha for stopping by!"

Monique Farquharson, Founder

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