The Morning Dilemma: Why Coffee Might Not Be Your Best Bet Anymore | Matcha Yaad

The Morning Dilemma: Why Coffee Might Not Be Your Best Bet Anymore | Matcha Yaad

For many of us, the day doesn’t truly begin until that first sip of coffee. Helping you feel energised and ready to tackle any documents coming your way.

But let’s be honest here– coffee isn’t the healthiest long-term. It’s great to drink once in a while, but overall it isn’t ideal to have a cup daily…

So why exactly is coffee not the best for you for a prolonged period?

To find out, let’s dive into the 3 factors of how coffee comes back to bite you later in life…

Increased Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

I know– an important part of drinking coffee is the boost in energy levels you'd get from the caffeine kick.

But have you ever thought that kick isn’t the gentle nudge your heart needs in the morning?

With such a complete 180 in terms of liveliness right in the morning, it unnaturally increases the heart rate alongside blood pressure.

And that isn't the most optimal way when trying to gear up for a productive day, right?

Caffeine Dependency

Now, if your day isn’t officially started until you’ve had a cup or two– you might be in the caffeine dependency club.

And if you want to check out if you do actually have an addiction to coffee (or more so to caffeine). Try and skip a cup when you’d usually have a cup in your routine

As having headaches, mood swings or a general sense of “I can’t even” from missing one, can indicate that something needs to be changed, ASAP.

Anxiety + Jitters

Lastly, we can’t gloss over the silent killer of focused work sessions– coffee-induced anxiety

Or unless you work perfectly fine when anxious, restless and jittery all at the same time.

If that were the case, then you’d truly be a superhero– and I’d love to have that power too!

But for the rest of us, being under heavy stress isn’t ideal when having a professional career

Especially if your job requires you to be social every day, as you'll continue to overthink, even the smallest of things.

Conclusion: Time For A Healthy Change?

Now after reading all the potential effects of the classic cup of coffee, you may want to have a change in pace…

Even if it’s a temporary detox, it’ll still help your body get the reset it rightly needs– in order to work at maximum effort, once again.

And detoxes don’t have to make you less productive either!

As in Matcha Yaad, we felt the need for a healthier version of coffee too. If you’re interested in knowing what it does– check out our health benefits of matcha here today…

Remember, health is wealth Matcha fam!